Patient Stories


December 15, 2021 - Patient

I got my active lifestyle back with HPN

In 2019-2020, I was too sick to do anything and spent months at the hospital. I was scared that will be the end of my active lifestyle. I got it back with HPN, it was an adaptation but last spring (2021) I spent weeks skiing with my kids in Banff. In the picture, I am skiing and infusing with a hydration backpack adapted for my HPN pump and bag, you can see the white IV line coming out my left shoulder. I need fuel during these active days. My kids even told me it was unfair to be fuelled up while riding!

I am so grateful for the HPN program.

I can still and enjoy eating or tasting small quantities of food and drink. If I am going out, I ask to get kid or appetizer portions or just share something.

Francis Davoine